Levi's and Hello Kitty are back for Autumn / Winter 2020. Cute. Classic. Customizable. In the Summer of 2019, Levi’s  and Hello Kitty teamed to create a collection that was as cute as could be. Now that same cuteness is back — and this time, most of it is customisable. Autumn 2020 marks Sanrio’s 60thAnniversary, and Levi’s and Hello Kitty will be celebrating. We’ve team up again for a fun take on customizable gear and super cute face masks. The new collection digs into the Hello Kitty  archives for an array of customisable graphics for t-shirts, hoodies  and a denim ...
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Hello Kitty #StrikeAPause in partnership with the United Nations

Hello Kitty worked with the United Nations and Verified to launch a new YouTube video aimed at helping young people understand the consequences of sharing harmful information online and giving them tips to share content safely
Let’s all think twice before sharing misleading or harmful content online. Take care, before you share!
Minami Maeda, Brand Manager for Hello Kitty at Sanrio Co Ltd, says: ‘With so much going on in the world, each of us must remember to be compassionate. We are releasing this video, specifically, because we can’t physically get together, and we would like the world to be ...
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We celebrate 45 years of Kawaii Fashion with My Melody

My Melody 45thAnniversary Summer 2020 Sanrio is excited to announce its digital and e-commerce campaign celebrating the 45thAnniversary of My Melody this summer. It follows hot on the heels of Hello Kitty’s 45thAnniversary in 2019. My Melody, one of Sanrio’s oldest and best-loved characters, was created in 1975. She is an honest and good-natured girl, always recognised by the treasured hood her Grandma made her. Much like Hello Kitty, My Melody is an icon of friendship and kawaii style. In fact, My Melody’s long ears are said to be antennas of friendship that can tell straight away if someone is happy or sad! ...
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Hello Kitty AR Kawaii World is launching globally in 2021

The mobile game Hello Kitty AR: Kawaii World is launching globally in 2021. Due to the uncertainties arising from the Covid-19 emergency, Sanrio has, together with Bublar Group, decided to move the global launch of Hello Kitty AR: Kawaii World to 2021. Hello Kitty AR: Kawaii World is a location-based mobile game where players have the possibility to play together outdoors. The benefit of the game, apart from the game play itself, is that it encourages collaboration, reaching for trophies outdoors and exercise. “Considering the current situation with Covid-19 we feel that we have a big responsibility as companies towards our ...
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Hello Kitty and Thun together again for a story of friendship and cuteness all to discover!

Are you ready for your daily dose of cuteness? After the first collection launched for Hello Kitty’s 45th anniversary Hello Kitty meets Teddy, Thun’s teddy bear and they immediately became friends. This capsule collection features Hello Kitty with Thun’s classic icons which welcome her in their traditional and unmistakable style; it includes their artisanal handmade ceramic figurines in different sizes and designs and other accessories such as mugs, bags and key chains. A lovely IG filter has been created to celebrate Hello Kitty and Teddy’s friendship and is accessible @hellokittyeu The limited edition is available from June 5th, 2020 in ...
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