Hello Kitty #StrikeAPause in partnership with the United Nations

September 23, 2020

Hello Kitty worked with the United Nations and Verified to launch a new YouTube video aimed at helping young people understand the consequences of sharing harmful information online and giving them tips to share content safely
Let’s all think twice before sharing misleading or harmful content online. Take care, before you share!

Minami Maeda, Brand Manager for Hello Kitty at Sanrio Co Ltd, says:

‘With so much going on in the world, each of us must remember to be compassionate. We are releasing this video, specifically, because we can’t physically get together, and we would like the world to be a wonderful place where we can connect on social media safely. Hello Kitty thinks that, “Words should be used to talk about dreams with someone, or to express kindness to each other.”’

Share this video to help young people be part of the solution, not the problem.