Super fan profile: Sky Slade

November 8, 2016

This week we spoke with Sky, who is five and a half and almost certainly one of our youngest super fans!

What is your first memory of Hello Kitty, Sky?

Well, I just loved Hello Kitty from when I was born.

Sky, How much do you love Hello Kitty?

I love her 100 million more than the world.

What is it you love about Hello Kitty?

Because she is friendly and beautiful, that’s why I love her.

Sky, what is your favourite Hello Kitty thing you have?

My big Hello Kitty toy, it’s super big she is fantastic and so cute.

What are some other favourite things of Hello Kitty you have?

My Hello Kitty pottery that I painted in Italy, my Hello Kitty Guess Who game, my Hello Kitty bed with Hello Kitty fairy lights.

I also love my Hello Kitty birthday dress, it is pink and fantastic.

I keep my beautiful Hello Kitty Easter egg in the fridge, she is just like a real Hello Kitty, but I cannot eat her because she is so beautiful and I love her.

I also love my dress up Hello Kitty and all her lovely pretty clothes and shoes in her pink wardrobe.

How many different Hello Kitty’s do you have?

24 Hello Kitty toys and figures. This does not include my Hello Kitty clothes, pencils cases, brushes, hair accessories, duvets, pictures, handbags, perfume, jewelry, clock, lights, CD player.

What is the one Hello Kitty thing you really want?

The biggest Hello Kitty toy ever, I saw one in Italy and I loved her.

Have you ever met Hello Kitty and what is she like?

I have met Hello Kitty about five times. She is friendly and lovely. She is my best friend.

What exciting things have you done with Hello Kitty?

I have visited Hello Kitty in her house 2 times and she signed me a big smile with her hand.

My Hello Kitty party was great and I invited Hello Kitty and she came to my party. I had Hello Kitty balloons, Hello Kitty cake, Hello Kitty party bags, Hello Kitty face painting and face masks.

Hello Kitty afternoon tea was fantastic; I ate lots of cakes in Hello Kitty’s secret garden. There was lots of Hello Kitty stuff like funny statues, flowers and a butterfly that was so pretty. I had the best day ever.

Disney World or Puroland Japan?


What would be your perfect holiday?

Hello Kitty aeroplane, Hello Kitty Hotel, Hello Kitty world, then dinner at a Hello Kitty restaurant  in Hello Kitty’s country.

A lot of people say to mummy, that your love for Hello Kitty is just a phase and you will soon stop liking her, how do you feel about this?

Sad because I will never stop loving Hello Kitty, I just love her so much. I don’t like it when people say that. I will love her forever.

Sky’s Mummy says:

Sky’s love for Hello Kitty is unconditional. Wherever we go she will spot any little thing that is to do with Hello Kitty. Any big events like parties or Christmas, Hello Kitty has to be invited or cards sent to her.

Sky loved Hello Kitty even before she could speak, but her love really became apparent by the time she was three years old and it has never wavered. Most children talk about Disney world, Sky talks about flying to Puroland. My dream would be to take her on Eva airlines as they have four planes dedicated to all things Hello Kitty. Sky has also seen images of Hello Kitty hotels and cafés all over Asia that she would love to visit and hopefully one day I can fulfill her dream.

If you are a Hello Kitty fan, please do get in touch! We love hearing all of your stories.