Super fan profile: Marina Hoermanseder

November 15, 2016

To celebrate the release of the Hello Kitty x Marina Hoermanseder collection, we asked  Marina about her Hello Kitty passion! 

Can you remember what the first Hello Kitty product you bought was (and in what year)?

It was in 1996 and my first Hello Kitty product was a little pen with Kitty’s head on top – my dad brought it home from a business trip in Japan – it was love at first sight.

What is your favourite Hello Kitty item in your collection?

It is definitely everything that has our common logo on it – because it shows the endless love between Hello Kitty and me.

What collaboration would you love to see in future?

I think I would love every collaboration Hello Kitty might create, as long as there is as much love in it as in ours!

How would you describe your relationship with Hello Kitty?

Hello Kitty has been my companion for the last 20 years, that means I have seen her every day. Seeing Hello Kitty just makes me happy, it brings out the happy little girl in me and puts a smile on my face!

Check out the Marina Hoermanseder x Hello Kitty collection:


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