Stockholm Sakura Day

April 27, 2016

On the 16th of April 2016, Hello Kitty celebrated an important Japanese event in Stockholm: Cherry Blossom Day.

The Cherry Blossom Day event in Stockholm was inaugurated by Hello Kitty together with the chairman of the Japanese association and the Japanese Ambassador.

After the opening ceremony, Hello Kitty took part in the fashion show, which gave the attendees an introduction to the art of cosplay. A meet and great session was then offered to the public, giving them the chance to have their picture taken with Hello Kitty. The event was brought to a close with Japanese music and dance to entertain the public, with a special appearance of the famous singer, Maia Hirasawa. And finally, everyone was given the opportunity to meet Hello Kitty one more time to take pictures with her. Hello Kitty was even wearing her beautiful kimono, a perfect choice for the occasion!

The Japanese Association is a non-profit organization which was established in 1975 in Stockholm. The association organizes annual events to promote the integration of Japanese born in Sweden. The Japanese Association also promotes the Japanese culture to native Swedish with the support and cooperation of museums and organizations in Stockholm. Thanks to these events both countries’ cultures and traditions are deepened and better understood by Japanese and Swedish citizens.

This event was covered on national media including TV4 and SVT, with bloggers also sharing photographs and reports on social media.

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