Oxfam x Hello Kitty

June 21, 2015

Sanrio presented “Hello Kitty X Oxfam” inside the GAP store in Milan city center, where Hello Kitty herself participated in the workshop dedicated to young pastry chefs from six years and up, with the theme “White Choco Pistachio Cookies,” with smiles, photos, and sneaking in what she loves most: cookies.

The Oxfam charity initiative took place at the cute temporary American Dream café at the GAP store.

This fundraiser stems from a perceived commonality of intent in support of development projects designed to empower 80 thousand impoverished people, most of whom are women and children, in 26 countries of the Global South, where the Association works every day. In addition to being an example of synergy between multiple brands, this initiative bears witness to how this type of event can achieve real altruism and generosity.

For three days, from June 19 to 21, the event was open to those who wanted to participate and support this initiative simply by buying a cute box of Hello Kitty cookies made for the occasion by California Bakery. On Sunday, June 21, 10 young aspiring bakers, trained by the California Bakery team, participated in the cookie lesson with an entertaining Hello Kitty!

In the meantime, the Oxfam volunteers let people know about the work of the organization and promoted the purchase of special Hello Kitty custom packs for a donation to Oxfam.