June 10, 2019
#Melissa #HelloKitty #MelissaxHelloKitty #Collaboration

Welcome to the Melissa + Hello Kitty collab – where Hello Kitty’s universe collides with the colourful and exciting plastic world of Brazilian footwear brand Melissa. 3 styles combine Hello Kitty’s cuteness and delicacy with Melissa’s unique designs and materials.

Melissa Be + Hello Kitty renews the classic and easy-wear sneaker with its robust and colorful platform, with Hello Kitty face shoelaces!

Perfect for the start of summer, the Melissa Slipper + Hello Kittyis light and cool. Embellished with a Hello Kitty face or bow, the slide features a comfortable foam insole, customised with a bespoke collab print.

For children, the mini version of Melissa´s beloved sneaker features all the charm of Hello Kitty’s world. Mini Melissa Be + Hello Kittyfollows the chromatic colourway of the adult sneaker but with contrasting shoelaces and an embossed star. The mini version also features a heel loop, making it even easier to pull on.

Melissa shoes are made from PVC, a material that can be easily disassembled and recycled, as well as being completely cruelty-free with no animal products. Production is 100% efficient, with parts of the shoe being manufactured using recycled PVC with no excess waste. Melissa assures us that they strive to ensure the very best working conditions for all shoe-makers and employees. Melissa shoes are made in Brazil.


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