Hello Kitty celebrates the first “Kindness Day”

August 23, 2016
#onekindthing #wearehellokitty

Last August 20, Hello Kitty celebrated the first Kindness Day at Boabay waterpark in Rimini (Italy).
As we all know she has no mouth because she speaks from her heart, through the kind small actions that every day enrich the receiver but even more the maker… because actions speak louder than words!

Hello Kitty met all her fans for a day full of happy and kind moments: in the morning she hosted a Castle Contest for friends of all ages and in the afternoon she released a healed turtle, contributing to support the local foundation,Fondazione Cetacea, that takes care of the turtles rescued on the beach.

Sanrio created a special “friendship bracelet” that was immediately sold out and the related revenues were donated to the Fondazione.

Hundreds of fans attended the event and queued to meet Hello Kitty and enjoy a sunny day on the beach with those they love… being kind has never been so fun!